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The power of celebrity for high performing creative solutions

Promote your Brand through a Celebrity, Get personalised video wishes  and Invite Celebrities to your Event. Our solutions are fast, cost effective, and give you access to 40,000+ celebrities worldwide.


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to pushup your business

Promote your brand, products, events and more by the top celebrities. Let them create a video about your business and speak up to the world. We have connected with top agencies and have upto  40,000+ celebrities worldwide.

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We helps you connect with relevant celebrities cost-effectively & swiftly, thus helping you create content which is highly engaging, incredibly catchy and remarkably relevant, turning audiences and viewers into your potential customers. With more than 40,000+ celebrities and multiple products.

Brand Promotion

with post, celebrity on their personal Instagram account.

Brand Promotion

Let celebrity promote your brand in a more

professional way.